Windows Key Codes

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Windows Key Codes

The following table shows the symbolic constant names, decimal values, and mouse or keyboard equivalents for the virtual-key codes used by the system. The codes are listed in numeric order.

General key code list

KeyKey CodeDescription
Back8The BACKSPACE key
Tab9The TAB key
Enter13The ENTER key
ShiftKey16The SHIFT key
ControlKey17The CTRL key
Menu18The ALT key
Pause19The PAUSE key
CapsLock20The CAPS LOCK key
Escape27The ESC key
Space32The SPACEBAR key
PageUp33The PAGE UP key
PageDown34The PAGE DOWN key
End35The END key
Home36The HOME key
Left37The LEFT ARROW key
Up38The UP ARROW key
Right39The RIGHT ARROW key
Down40The DOWN ARROW key
Select41The SELECT key
Print42The PRINT key
Execute43The EXECUTE key
PrintScreen44The PRINT SCREEN key
Insert45The INS key
Delete46The DEL key
Help47The HELP key
048The 0 key
149The 1 key
250The 2 key
351The 3 key
452The 4 key
553The 5 key
654The 6 key
755The 7 key
856The 8 key
957The 9 key
A65The A key
B66The B key
C67The C key
D68The D key
E69The E key
F70The F key
G71The G key
H72The H key
I73The I key
J74The J key
K75The K key
L76The L key
M77The M key
N78The N key
O79The O key
P80The P key
Q81The Q key
R82The R key
S83The S key
T84The T key
U85The U key
V86The V key
W87The W key
X88The X key
Y89The Y key
Z90The Z key
LWin91The left Windows logo key
RWin92The right Windows logo key
Apps93The application key
Sleep95The computer sleep key
NumPad096The 0 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad197The 1 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad298The 2 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad399The 3 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad4100The 4 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad5101The 5 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad6102The 6 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad7103The 7 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad8104The 8 key on the numeric keypad
NumPad9105The 9 key on the numeric keypad
Multiply106The multiply key
Add107The add key
Separator108The separator key
Subtract109The subtract key
Decimal110The decimal key
Divide111The divide key
F1112The F1 key
F2113The F2 key
F3114The F3 key
F4115The F4 key
F5116The F5 key
F6117The F6 key
F7118The F7 key
F8119The F8 key
F9120The F9 key
F10121The F10 key
F11122The F11 key
F12123The F12 key
F13124The F13 key
F14125The F14 key
F15126The F15 key
F16127The F16 key
F17128The F17 key
F18129The F18 key
F19130The F19 key
F20131The F20 key
F21132The F21 key
F22133The F22 key
F23134The F23 key
F24135The F24 key
NumLock144The NUM LOCK key
Scroll145The SCROLL LOCK key
LShiftKey160The left SHIFT key
RShiftKey161The right SHIFT key
LControlKey162The left CTRL key
RControlKey163The right CTRL key
LMenu164The left ALT key
RMenu165The right ALT key


KeyKey CodeDescription
BrowserBack166The browser back key
BrowserForward167The browser forward key
BrowserRefresh168The browser refresh key
BrowserStop169The browser stop key
BrowserSearch170The browser search key
BrowserFavorites171The browser favorites key
BrowserHome172The browser home key

Media Player

KeyKey CodeDescription
VolumeMute173The volume mute key
VolumeDown174The volume down key
VolumeUp175The volume up key
MediaNextTrack176The media next track key
MediaPreviousTrack177The media previous track key
MediaStop178The media Stop key
MediaPlayPause179The media play pause key